Washington DC trip


In typical Baker family fashion we walked our feet off exploring museums and monuments in Washington D.C and Philadelphia.

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Senior Portrait Time

Shelbi approached me with the concept of shooting at Eastern Market with blurred people rushing around behind her. For me it spoke volumes about how rapid life changes and how clearly you can see the history in your mind. Its still a work in progress but you can get the idea..

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Panning Shots

A vast majority of my photography involves static objects so it was fun to take a quick step out of my comfort zone to and try something new. The Model-T is not known for speed but even so I was able to accomplish what I set out to do. I wanted to capture a moving object while giving the impression of movement. We were at The Henry Ford and I found lots of opportunities to capture moving subjects.

The idea involves panning with the moving subject thus freezing it in the shot while blurring the background.

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Redford Snowstorm

The biggest snow of the season blew in and we took the toys
out for a spin

Lost count of how many times Shelbi went up and down
the street.

You KNOW its cold when I wear this..

a VERY happy girl

Suzanne does some plowing

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New Orleans

  Our View
  Everyone watches the river go by
  Famous VooDoo Priestess
What the pretty graves look like on the inside. Andrea loved this house
  Oldest Bar
The Corn Fence Secret Garden
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NYC 03

Grand Central Station
Bad Day for Fed Ex
MTV Studios
Time Square
Macys Dept Store
Washington Square
Ground Zero

Names of the fallen
A Cross formed from the steel

What a Job!

Alexander Hamiltons Grave

Ellis Island

Diamond District Lamp Post

Imagine memorial
RC Sailboating
Natural History Museum
Theodore Roosevelt Statue
Palace Theater
Time Square at night

Fish Market
Little Italy

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Andrea in front of a statue at the Luxor

We’ve arrived!

Statue of Liberty at NYNY

Looking down strip from New York New York

Glass ceiling at Bellagio

Inside the Bellagio Courtyard

Andrea in the flower gardens of Bellagio

Tricia, Steve and myself.

Tricia and Andrea in the Luxor

Andrea and I in the Luxor.

Steve and Tricia in front of Walgreens waiting for Andrea.

Looking down strip from Walgreens

She has emerged!

Harley Cafe

Fountain in front of the Paris

Luxury Bathroom at the Bourban Street Inn.

Bellagio at night

Waiting for the Fountain Show

Entering the Luxor

Fish at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium.

Shark and Ray petting

Anyone for Jelly Fishing?

Dont forget to stamp your passport

Wedding in Progress

Headless statue of Lenin

Pool at Mandalay Bay

Andrea and the King!

Me and Claudia

Andrea and Shawn

Shopping at the Venetian

Gondolas at the Venetian

Phill, Dan, Tricia and Steve in Freemont.

Looking down Freemont

Dan, Mark, Phil, Steve and Tricia showing what its all A’boot.

Lion on display at the MGM Casino



View from our room at the Paris


Some relaxing by the pool.

Reception lobby at the Paris






Tell me you would not have looked twice!?

Mark Bernett is everywhere!

Fighting pirates at Treasure Island!

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St. Ignace Trip

With what could be our last weekend of sledding and no snow to speak of in the lower penninsula we decided on St Ignace. The trails were listed as “fair” so we figured we could always head north. At 6pm on Friday we were on our way, with the plan to drive that night and be there ready to go Saturday morning. Traffic was a little heavy but once things cleared up it was smooth sailing all the way to the bridge. We had reservations at the Comfort Inn in St. Ignace, when we arrived the parking lot was PACKED with trailers, we found a borderline legitimate spot and asked the desk to contact us if there were problems. The one downside of this hotel, there is nothing in terms of resteraunts or party stores, but we did find a pizza delivery place that was not too bad (BC’s Pizza).

If you need beer, bring it because there is no place to buy it close by, and did I mention the difficulty parking? Saturday morning we got ready and headed to the front desk for some trail advice, we were told “Head down this street till you see the stop sign and turn left..”. Riding the side of the bare road as best we could we eventualy gave up looking for the elusive first stop sign and cut through to Lake Huron and made our way back to the hotel. We once again attempted directions, this time from an actual snowmobiler, he said the Rail Road Bed was dirt and that everyone was trailering up to Trout Lake, or you could go to the Island. We opted for the later. Back on the lake we made our way to the nearest gas station, the attendant there told us about the “Ice Bridge” and that the one to the left (British Landing) was the smoother of the two.

Andrea next to one of the many christmas trees guiding you to the island seen in background

Me leaning on cannon at British Landing

We made it!

Andrea at British Landing

We made our way around the Island, stopping at different sites of interest, not in any real hurry and just enjoying the sights. We had lunch downtown at the Village Inn, nice people and great burgers, from there we went looking for fudge, but soon found that none was to be had. We made our way back to British Landing and made a somewhat faster trip back to the mainland (100 mph +). We started to explore the shoreline and stumbled accross a group and heard the word “Trailhead”, we asked if they knew of one and they said it was just accross the street. Now why couldnt someone else have pointed this out earlier. For reference from the lake, look for the TeePee and the Indian Museum, parking for the trailhead is just accross the street.

We followed this group and soon found the trails in horrible shape, mostly gravel and when we asked an approaching group what things were like ahead they said it was the same the whole way up. We all decided to turn around and head back to the lake. There was an area at the side of the hotel that had access to the front, problem was that it was a fairly narrow and steep gap. I went first and started to head back to get Andrea’s sled for her, just then I see this MXZ headed right at me, I jumped to the side to see her beaming with pride at her accomplishment. We went back the room to take a break and once rested we once again took off to the Island for dinner.

We found a quiet place downtown “Patricks”, again great service and food, after a great meal we headed back, but this time wanted to completely circle the island. when we found the departure point, it was well after dark and I don’t mind saying that the trip back was more than a little erie. We were more than a little relieved to see the other shore and decided to pack up for the night. A couple of guys saw me loading up and offered a hand, Andrea commented how friendly snowmobiliers were as a whole and I would have to agree!


Rock Formation

Andrea at the Fort

Grand Hotel

Andrea in front of the Grand Hotel

View of the City

View of the city from above

Looking down the main street

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